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This group has been created in order to show all the possible pairings our beautiful Rukia is in. Crack pairings are also accepted :)

:star: Rules

:star: You must like Rukia

:star: You must be tolerant. If you can't stand seeing Rukia with other man who is not the one you like for her, this is not the group you're searching for.

:star: No Bashing, please. Everybody is respected here.

:star: Please, try to submit art made with effort and love. I know that sketches are the beginning of an art but please we want to see complete works.

:star: Gallery Folders will be open once we have at least ten arts for a specific couple.

:star: Only original art will be accepted (fanarts, fanfics, coslplay photos etc)

:star: Yuri pairings are allowed.

:star: Affiliates: just post a comment or send us a note and we'll add your group to our list

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BLEACH - Memories In Vain - 4
. : r e i n f o r c e m e n t : .
The door opened once more, and the four Reapers entered.
"Welcome, everyone," said Urahara said to Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Lieutenate Rangiku Motsumoto, Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame. "Glad you all made it. Have a seat. Make yourselves comfortable. Shall the meeting commence?"
"Yes, that would be a good idea." said Hitsugaya.
"Alright then," said Yoruichi. "I will describe the events that took place yesterday evening. Two seemingly average Hollows entered Karakura town. Squad Thirteen Member Rukia Kuchiki and Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki set off to eliminate them.
"The first was found in the local park chasing the soul of a girl. Rukia Kuchiki took the soul of the girl to safety while Ichigo Kurosaki eliminated the Hollow. It was later discovered that the soul that was under the protection of Rukia Kuchiki had transformed into a Hollow exactly identical to the one pursued by the Substitute Soul Reaper a
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 82 24
BLEACH - Memories In Vain - 2
. : r u s h : .
The sounds of Rukia's footsteps disappeared as Ichigo swung away at the Hollow who, even though had only one arm now was able to block all of Ichigo's attempts of shattering it's mask.
Ichigo then heard a scream.
It was Rukia's voice.
"RUKIA!" he yelled in the direction of her scream, hugely concerned; his attention completely focused on Rukia's well being.
The Hollow took Ichigo's moment of distraction as an opportunity to make an attack. He got his arm slashed badly by it's cat-like claws.
Full of rage and worry, he decided to end the fight quickly.
He stood back holding Zangetsu tightly in both hands and yelled "GETSUGA TENSHOU!" A blue beam of energy was released from the large blade, completely destroying the Hollow's mask. It howled loudly as it's existence vanished.
Ichigo ran as fast as he could toward the direction where he heard Rukia's scream, completely forgetting about his heavily bleeding arm. He spotted her unconscious body by the water.
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 58 41
BLEACH - Memories In Vain - 3

. : g u i l t : .
Bleddyn took refuge under Ichigo's bed; in the dark and out of harm.
Ichigo sighed and said quietly, "You can't hide in the dark forever."
Ichigo sat on the floor waiting for him to show his face. Moments that seemed to last eternities passed. Bleddyn slowly walked out. He was wearing the same agonized expression that he did earlier at Urahara's.
"Its my fault. Rukia... could have died." His eyes were filled with tears.
"Hey... Look at me," said Ichigo. "Look at me."
He waited until Bleddyn's eyes met his. They were so dark and penetrating it took Ichigo moments before he could speak. "Sometimes in life bad things just happen." His father told him those same words once.
Even though Ichigo still believed that he himself was the reason Rukia almost died, he felt he had to say something; he felt he had to help Bleddyn. He didn't want anyone to feel as bad as he did. Ichigo sat on his bed.
"Here, why don't you sleep on the end of my bed tonight?" suggested Ichigo
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 57 31
BLEACH - Memories In Vain - 1
. : e n c o u n t e r : .
"When someone changes your world, that's when you know he's important to you."
― Tite Kubo
It all started with a scream from under the bed.
"Rukia," said Ichigo tapping on the closet door.
"Hold on a second, Ichigo, I'm changing."
There was rustling from under Ichigo's bed when they heard a scream; Kon came running out from underneath.
"What is it, fur ball? You scared me half to death!"
"What the hell are you talking about? I don't sense any Hollows! You gotta be crazy!"
"FINE! I'll go check under there if that means you'll shut the hell up!" He said grabbing a flashlight from a drawer in his desk.
"RUKIAAA! I'LL PROTECT YOU!" Kon ran to the closet and flung himself across the door. "HE'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME TO HARM MY SWEET RUKIA~!"
Rukia sighed. "What is it now, Kon?" She said with irritatio
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 71 51
LaviRuki - Crazy in Love by AngyValentine LaviRuki - Crazy in Love :iconangyvalentine:AngyValentine 109 45 LaviRuki - Say ''Cheese'', Rukia by AngyValentine LaviRuki - Say ''Cheese'', Rukia :iconangyvalentine:AngyValentine 165 28 LaviRuki - Mensiversary by AngyValentine LaviRuki - Mensiversary :iconangyvalentine:AngyValentine 191 37 LaviRuki - It'll be all right by AngyValentine LaviRuki - It'll be all right :iconangyvalentine:AngyValentine 77 18 BIRTHDAY_rukyd by mattwilson83 BIRTHDAY_rukyd :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 44 17


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Hey there guys, for all of those who are fans of the dubbed version of Bleach, The dubbed version of Fade to Black has been released. You can view it here.…

Also, today is :iconyuki-sparda:'s birthday! Head over and give her a hug! ^-^
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